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I have written this early as I am behind in my GoT predictions for season 3, and since we have seen small trailers for The Borgias s3, I figured that I would post it early.  At this stage, I feel that this series is ultimately about the relationship between Cesare and his father. Naturally, all of the elements of their individual lives are a mainstay of the show as well, and it is a great overall story arc. We will see if my thoughts are on the right track this season.
Then, I will see you in April!

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Fringe: Commentary on the Finale

It has been so much fun rewatching Fringe seasons 2 & 3, on the Science Channel, and slowly trying to watch Season 4 on my own. Season 5 was a culmination of a great show that came full circle in the end.  It was the best finale for a scifi show that I have ever seen. As we all know, many scifi shows have endings that are either non-existent,(TSCC) as they are cancelled, made into a bad movie (oh Serenity, you rocked but not as a movie), or are just plain wrong (that's you BSG!) & disappointing. Although a few years have passed, I still feel like I was left hanging after the BSG finale, and I hoped that Fringe would not disappoint, and it did not.

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Homeland Season 2, Part II

Oh, where to begin....another great episode has gone by, with Brody being picked up by a big bad black helicopter, and Nazir, with excellent lighting, and clean shaven, "Nicholas".  I won't go into the obvious questions like how the hell did a helicopter just fly onto a field without being flagged? Plus I was wrong about Hezbollah Delta Force guy; he's on team Nazir, and pretty damn scary.

So here I am again, because well this show is just too good, and there is so much crazy going on, I had to write.

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Homeland Season 2, Part IV

Well, I will give myself a small pat on the back as in my last post I said Brody was going to do the suicide vest thing and blow up the memorial. The memorial was blown up, but with Brody's CAR. So, the show has been reset for next season, which does not bother me, because look at Fringe? They reset every season, and it is still awesome, albeit for the last time. And this show needed a big reset, as Brody was really done at the end of this season, and they left it open just enough, for Damien Lewis to make an appearance. I hope for them to be on location abroad next season, a lot of Quinn, and as always, many, many coins with two sides.

So, I did a rewatch from Quinn's arrival forwards, Brody looked guiltier, and guiltier as time went on. I finally saw the master manipulator that many folks from podcasts to boards have been saying about Brody since the beginning of the season.

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Commentary on Peter Quinn

Peter Quinn
Is this even his real name? Will we ever know? Do we care? Seriously, look how great he looks in low blue light reflected from a TV screen, and he just woke up (I thought anyway).  I can believe his story on his background, only because carrying around a classic like "Great Expectations", would be in line for a guy who came from a family,where failure is not an option. But I think everyone knew he was not a CIA analyst, and I can go along with killing "bad guys" as he likes to say, in Venezuela

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Homeland Season 2, Part III

Oh, I just have to say that I really miss BSG, I think everyone does. I finished watching Blood&Chrome, and the final scene, reminded me of how much it rocked. In case you haven't notice I also tend to revise my posts, so I am not repeating myself, which I tend to do quite often

Moving on, well since the finale is tomorrow night, I decided to write down all of my thoughts and predictions, which will probably all be negated by the end of the finale. I love this show, but there is a game changer almost every week, so what I think will happen, never happens.

First, I will address the fact that last week (episode 2.10) had a lot of plot holes, that I know really bothered many of the viewers.

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Homeland Season 2

I have not written in a while, and I have found some time to begin doing it again. I have to do some sort of summary on my ASOIAF blog, as I could not keep up with the recaps like season one. Hopefully this year, I will be able to do so, as I love to write about my favorite books. I will say this, the book for season 3 is about 80% Jon Snow, so I had better see Ghost every damn day! Okay that's that. 

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The Borgias: 2.07: Day of Ashes: LJ was down again, so it is posted on my ASOIAF blog

As you can see I am pathetically far behind in recapping, so I'm trying to catch up!

The Borgias: 2.04

So, here we are again! Cesare looking ever sexier with his dark hair, and is finding out that too many people know about his brilliant deception. Well, then he sees Micheletto, who brings bad news about the Abbey,where annoying Ursula lives. So, the place is still smoking, and he does find Ursula in the room where she was supposed to be the model. The figure out it was the French, as they find a ripped piece of cloth. So, Cesare who is scary obsessed with Ursula, just looks at both sides of her face and says "Now she has freed my heart from everything but.....vengeance."

Someone had asked me on the site, how I thought that what he has with Lucrezia is not a crazy obsession, but what he had with Ursula was not. I could not answer,for some reason the site was not coming up correctly. But, regarding Cesare and love with these two women: I think that what Cesare has w/Lucrezia, and how he behaves with her, is how he should have acted with Ursula; or maybe someone else. He is all that is good and supportive, especially after her Paolo dies. This creates a conundrum because I do not understand why that does not translate into relationships with other women. I mean the last time we saw him he was really violent with Ursula, so much so the painter was looking on he had pity on his face.

I think, part of the problem, is that nobility did not really go out and meet people. And Cesare is frustrated, angry, and has been visibly depressed. As he tells Lucrezia when she was sitting on the Papal Chair; that he "truly lost, my love."But Lucrezia says she will save him.

He decides that he will, actually do something quite smart, and have a small masked group of men attack the French unit that attacked St. Agnes. They continue to do this throughout the episode, and it is quite effective, thus proving that Cesare once again is very smart, cruel, and good at strategy.

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